Venture Investments

Dedicated to providing equity to digital technology early-stage startups across Spain and the rest of Europe.

We invest in exceptional entrepreneurs who manage early-stage tech companies, with a focus on disrupting the finance, insurance and banking sector.

We focus on projects that aim to change the status quo in banking,  insurance and financial services, with a broad investment scope.

We seek to invest in companies that have created an innovative product or technology, and do so with a business-oriented mentality, simple terms and processes, offering the necessary resources to scale up the business.

We invest in early stage, with the capacity to follow-on in the next rounds. In certain occasions, we are also able to invest in the seed stage.

Together with other divisions of the Gala Capital group, we are currently extending our scope within the ventures division to the industries of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.


We Work for Entrepreneurs

We become close partners with our portfolio companies while allowing the entrepreneurs to lead their businesses. In this way, we tailor our investment resources to fit the needs of our portfolio companies, giving them the tools they need to launch and grow their businesses.

Long-Term Relationship

Startups go through ups and downs and time is needed to build a profitable and stable company. We believe in creating strong and lasting relationships with our portfolio companies based on trust, because we invest with a purpose of staying for the long run.

We are able to invest through all the venture capital stages, with the capacity to follow-on in the subsequent rounds, either directly, or through other investment divisions of the Gala Capital group.

Strong Vision with Market Orientation

We partner with entrepreneurs who have founded a company following a strong strategic vision and a clear market orientation, and that are now looking to grow their companies. We invest in startups that are managed by teams with complementary profiles and areas of expertise that are able to create results.

Focus on Innovation and Technology

We look for opportunities to build businesses through innovation, a clear technological advantage or an innovative proposal that could result in the digital transformation of the financial sector.

Reducing the Risk of Venture Capital

We aim to reduce the venture capital early-stage investment risk by leading funding rounds for exceptional startups, at times entering at the earliest venture capital stages. We follow a long-term approach and use investment models that faithfully reflect our investment philosophy.

Ecosystem Creation

We are an active player in the development of the Spanish startup ecosystem by backing early-stage tech companies, and connecting these startups to corporate players such as clients or industrial partners that are looking for digital transformation and innovation.


We provide startup companies with smart money that allows us to operate, according to our investment philosophy, as a value-adding partner for entrepreneurs and other startup ecosystem stakeholders.

Our capabilities present prospective and existing clients with clear advantages:

Smart Money

As a part of the Gala Capital Group, we are a “Smart money” Venture Capital firm with a pattern of successfully exiting companies with high returns. We invest more than money in our portfolio companies to transform great business ideas into leading businesses.

Complementary Team

The Gala Ventures team combines industry experience in finance, venture capital and entrepreneurship, with technical and marketing profiles that complement our vision to help portfolio companies overcome tech, product and team scaling challenges.

It´s All About FinTech

As a non-generalist venture capital firm, we have a deep understanding about our main market. Our experience, industrial knowledge, and extensive network in the Finance and Banking sector allow us to provide important indicators of where financial technology and innovation are going. Using this information, we can build profitable synergies between our portfolio companies, corporate players, and the sector´s main stakeholders.

From Seed Stage to Private Equity

Gala Venture´s portfolio companies are allowed access to a fast track investment proposal based on the power of the Gala Capital Group that offers the entrepreneurs the necessary resources to quickly build their businesses.

Gala Capital’s Resources

We provide management teams with access to Gala Capital’s relationships and strategic network to accelerate value creation. We make introductions to vendors and customers as well as facilitate acquisition targets and opportunities for exit. We help our companies create a competitive advantage by having Gala Capital as an investor.

Transaction Type

Early-Stage equity

Convertible notes or SAFE

(only for Seed-stage ventures)

Investment Criteria

Seed stage

  • Investment Size: Initial commitment from €100.000 to €500.000

  • Positive Turnover

  • Validated Business Models

  • Strong management team; 100% dedicated

  • Innovative technology or product

  • High potential to scale up

  • Clear barriers to entry

Early stage

  • Investment Size: Initial commitment from €500.000 to €10.000.000€

  • EBITDA positive

  • Monthly growth over 10%

  • Strong management team

  • Innovative technology or product

  • High potential to become a market leader