Special Situations

Focuses on Event Driven, Stressed, Complex Situations and Distressed Debt Credit opportunities.


We provide capital to financially constrained companies.

We provide financing solutions to companies with limited access to capital, including non-rated, smaller and middle-market companies, businesses with complex business models and entities with a high level of intrinsic value relative to hard assets or cash flow.


We access significant opportunities by avoiding cookie-cutter investment approaches

We believe in the power of custom-made solutions in order to maximize our investors’ returns.

Our Special Situations experts offer financing to operationally sound, financially distressed companies in need of capital to grow or repair their businesses.

We provide constructive answers for a wealth of different situations a company may be experiencing, from spinoffs, tender offers, mergers and acquisitions, distress, litigation, restructurings, capital structure dislocations, or simply a level of complexity the market does not understand.