Private Capital Investing

A multi-asset class investment business focusing on all levels of capital structures on a risk-adjusted return basis, both in private and publicly traded companies.

We use our own financial resources to provide structured equity and other capital solutions to mid-sized privately-owned businesses for growth, acquisitions, internationalization and recapitalizations.

We seek to invest in growing private companies and serve as a partner with management.

Initially, we are able to commit resources in a single transaction ranging in size from 20 million euros to 200 million euros.  Subsequently, we also have the ability to support the growth of our portfolio companies with supplemental capital.

We enjoy significant flexibility in the kinds of investments we engage in. First, we focus on understanding the underlying intrinsic value of private businesses, enabling us to invest creatively and in a broad spectrum of opportunities. In addition, our balance sheet allows us to develop one-stop financing solutions in a simple capital structure that eliminates syndication risk, favoring fast and reliable closings.