Mission and Vision

To deliver strong absolute and risk-adjusted returns to our investors while always maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards.  We like to partner with management teams that we hold in high regard, both personally and professionally, in high-value companies.

Governance Initiatives

As a significant shareholder in its participated companies, and through its “hands on approach”, Gala Capital not only aims to positively influence the business portfolio strategy, capital allocation and operational excellence of its portfolio companies in order to create lasting shareholder value; it also suggests meaningful improvements in board structure and executive compensation and tends to steer away from companies with poor environmental, social and governance standards.

Responsible investments with a

balanced ESG risk-return

Gala Capital has a long tradition of investing responsibly, working closely with our portfolio companies to positively influence ESG policy and practices.  We follow a strict and extensive ethical code of conduct and maintain a rigorous approach to incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance considerations into our investment process.  We believe that companies with high ESG standards improve shareholder value and yield higher returns in the long run.

Our evaluation of the social nature of a company is based on the following factors:

Respectful management of employees

Employment of minorities


Environmentally friendly business practices

Transparency and quality of investor information

All potential investments are reviewed in the context of our internal ESG policy, by which we deeply analyze ESG risks and opportunities specific to every investment.  In addition to this, we analyze the company’s relative capacity to mitigate meaningful risk.  Finally, post-investment Gala Capital monitors the development its companies’ ESG policies and expects to play a role in driving change when appropriate.

Additional social initiatives

We support the use of corporate funds, research and development programs and marketing plans as part of an effort to improve sustainable long-term earnings growth as well as stimulate employment at our portfolio companies.  We also support the use of capital to increase awareness as well as participation and fundraising for social causes.