Financial Sector

We have a strategic interest in investments in the financial sector with  a long-term view and a collaborative approach with existing management.

This interest stems from two circumstances that offer profit-making opportunities for our investors:

  • We consider the financial sector to be extremely sensitive to the economic cycle, and susceptible to fluctuations in price and valuations.
  • We believe that the impact of technology, globalization and cross-border deregulation is changing the financial industry in a very significant way.

We own a significant majority of Beka Finance, an independent regulated company that offers investment banking services with local expertise in Spain and international reach.

Our participation in Beka also represents an opportunity to provide our shareholders and co-investors with a consistent long-term exposure to differentiated asset classes in the bond and equity markets, provide advisory services to our portfolio companies, and add an extra layer of supervision and regulation to Gala’s investment activities.

We also have a significant minority interest in the neobank Rebellion Pay, the Spanish FinTech company. Rebellion Pay is a mobile-first platform providing banking services to customers who are hungry for alternatives to traditional banking services.

Rebellion has a fully registered license to perform as  a payment institution in Lithuania. Licensed institutions in Lithuania provide a perfect solution for FinTech companies that process payments and handle money transfers of private individual in all EEC countries, enjoying the benefits of the Common Market without restrictions, and benefiting from the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).


Best-in-class management teams

We invest in financial companies that are led by management teams that inspire our trust, and in which we can add value through our investment experience, client base and extended portfolio.

Tech – based financial institutions

We believe that the biggest financial institutions in the world in the near future will be technology companies, and that banks that have grown through branch acquisitions and physical bank presence will have a structural problem to address.