About us

We are a private investment company established in 1998 and headquartered in Madrid.

We invest in growth-stage companies, led by management teams that inspire our trust and to which we can add value through our expertise and knowledge of the local market.

We also select our investments according to socially responsible principles, considering potential for long-term profitability and social impact. We strongly believe that funds and companies with high ethical standards provide superior economic returns.


We have a long-term investment outlook.  We prefer to establish a lasting relationship with the management of companies and funds in which we invest, independent of the current economic cycle.

We look for companies with a dominant position in the market or the potential for attaining it, as well as companies able to effectively establish barriers to entry and expand to new markets.

Our understanding of the Spanish market has historically allowed us to select the best investment opportunities through a unique and creative management focus oriented towards value creation and the generation of above-average returns.