Team members

Corporate culture

Our best incentive is to improve our historical track record, and maintain long-term relationships with our investors.

Internal criteria for allocating incentives to Gala executives according to the following five variables:

  1. Personal merit of each manager in the acquisition, management and divestment of the portfolio where a return has been achieved
  2. Personal responsibility of each manager in the acquisition, management and divestiture of the remaining portfolio including non performing investments, which have not reached the expected objectives.
  3. Capacity for teamwork, leadership and integration with the rest of the team. Absence of individualism.
  4. Individual financial risk in the invested funds and the managing company.
  5. Generosity, ethical behaviour and social contribution

The turnover rate of executives in our firm is very low and access to the partner category is based solely on merit, thereby favouring an early incentive scheme to our managers.

The individual allocation of incentives or success fees to our executives is determined independently, without the intervention of our investors.

In our many years of experience as managers, this incentive scheme is an excellent combination that helps our independence, shared values, commitment, creativity and finding practical solutions to complex problems.