Alternative Investments



We believe that alternative investments allow risk-adjusted returns above the stock market indices, but only in those cases where there is very active portfolio management with dedicated and experienced teams.

Our private equity funds operate in the areas of middle market, innovation and technology, social entrepreneurship and special situations.

We take investment decisions professionally and independently, with the aim of increasing the returns for our investors, to minimise volatility and choose the best moment for portfolio divestment.

In addition to our supervisory role, we take active investment positions in all of these funds and, when circumstances allow, provide joint venture agreements in order to access good-sized opportunities in benefit of our shareholders.


We manage 7 investment funds through various independent management companies:

The Fund management companies are owned in their majority by their executives, who receive the carried interest benefits derived from the success of their work. In this way we ensure strong commitment from the managers, a long-term vision and active monitoring of the portfolio of affiliate companies.

Portfolio Companies

Sector Focus

We like to focus vertically within our investment sectors and do not specifically seek random diversification. A in-depth knowledge of a sector allows us to:

In the last few years we are especially active in the areas of technology, communications, infrastructure and entrepreneurship. At present we are assessing growth opportunities in the areas of consumer goods, energy and social services.

Industry Experts

We attribute a large part of our success to holding a close relationship with experts in the industries in which we invest.

Our industry experts have a dual profile: in-depth industry knowledge and successful track record as entrepreneurs or senior managers of companies. This allows us to better manage our subsidiaries and identify unique opportunities.

Where possible, we invite our industry experts to participate as privileged investors in the companies in which they advise.